About us

AiDEAS is a highly innovative technology and data solutions provider. The company is building machine learning and AI-power technology to unlock the value hidden in huge volumes of data, reducing the time to find, diagnose, comprehend and act at a speed that is impossible for humans, thereby generating new faster insights. AiDEAS portfolio is built on leading-edge AI technologies including data mining and machine learning/deep learning to (i) enable data-rich and knowledge-lean automation of valuable tasks of perception, classification and numeric prediction as well as (ii) collect, organise, analyse and discover hidden patterns and value in voluminous amounts of structured and/or unstructured data.

AiDEAS staff comes from different computer science backgrounds with over 15 years’ experience and a particular focus in developing novel algorithms as well as leading award-winning academic research for solving important existing and emerging problems in various industries such as Healthcare, Industry 4.0 and Oil & Gas. The core team of AiDEAS is also experienced in the definition, execution and management of big EU projects in the R&D area within an extended European growing network consisting of universities, research centres, SMEs and large enterprises.