About us

INEGI is an industry-oriented Research and Technology Organization (RTO) with an organizational structure based on three pillars of activity: research with applied focus, innovation and technology transfer and consulting and advanced engineering services. Recognized by the Portuguese Government as being of public utility, INEGI is currently considered an active agent playing a significant role in the development of the Portuguese industry, and in the transformation of its competitiveness model. In the KETs main fields, ongoing European-level projects are framed in H2020, FP7, ESA, CleanSky and Interreg programs.

INEGI has active presence in the main European and National technology platforms and initiatives related with materials, manufacturing technologies and transports, specifically in EARTO (European Association of Research and Technology Organizations), EFFRA (related to Factories of the Future PPP), EARPA (automotive sector) ESA (aerospace sector), ACARE (aeronautics sector) and Vanguard Initiative (smart specialization). INEGI has an active role in these initiatives and has contributed to the definition of R&D&i priorities at European or national level, including the RIS3-NORTE strategy. INEGI is also present in other national and international expert panels, consulting committees, groups and societies, sectorial industry clusters (automotive, aeronautics, tooling, additive manufacturing, sea economy and energy).With more than 30 years working on composites processing technologies, the Composite Materials and Structures Research Unit (UMEC), of which we are part, is one of the key units of INEGI with relevant experience in sectors such as the aerospace, automotive, sea, energy, construction, among others.