National Technical University of Athens – R-NanoLab

About us

The “Research Lab of Advanced, Composite, Nano Materials & Nanotechnology” (R-Nano) is situated at the School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in Greece. The R-Nano Lab’s research group has extensive experience in Design, Production and Characterization of Advanced-, Composite- and Nano- Materials. The core expertise involves the development of carbon based novel advanced nanocomposite materials for aerospace, naval, civil engineering, and energy applications. The laboratory has been actively involved in research for more than a decade, enhancing its infrastructure and producing a large volume of peer reviewed scientific publications. It is committed to provide knowledge, services and expertise to both private enterprises and public organizations in material developing, manufacturing and testing. R-NanoLab has a strong presence in European Research Activities in Materials Science, through participation in numerous EU and national funded projects. As part of the European Technological Community, R-NanoLab is an active member of several Clusters: European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC), European Pilot Production Network (EPPN), European NanoSafety Cluster (NSC) taking part in establishment of new standard methodologies, provide suitable background for regulation and nanosafety, and support EC policy development.