About us

After 15 years of research on nano-composite sensors, the Smart Plastics Group of the University of South Brittany (UBS) in Lorient (France) has spined off its technology in 2018 and 2 researchers created SENSE in to industrialize innovative and customized solutions of structural health monitoring (SHM) for composites. The company now employs more than 10 people.

The R&D, the production and the commercial teams are based in Lorient (Brittany, west coast of France).

Our main skills include:

  • The design of the nano-sensors starting from the usage specifications given by partners (materials’ nature, maximum deformation, required sensitivity, environmental requirements, range of temperature, directionalization, etc.),
  • The production of sensors for prototyping and for volume production.
  • The characterization of the sensors on the ranges of use.
  • The design of on-board electronics for signal acquisition, data transmission and monitoring,
  • The interpretation of signals to transduce the behaviour and state of the material: this involves skills in signal processing, artificial intelligence and also skills in materials to relate the signals to physical phenomena
  • The customer support on the technical management of their project.