Products and Services

SENSE in develops and manufactures QRS (Quantum Resistive Sensors) based on innovative sensitive conductive polymer nanocomposites (CPC) formulated and nanostructured with a unique process that allows perfectly to adjust their properties. The sensors are dedicated to strain, pressure, temperature, humidity measurements for the Structural Health Monitoring and pressure, temperature, detection of resin for the Process Monitoring. Most of which are planned to be implemented in Carbo4Power.

SENSE in supports its customers for the integration of sensors within composite materials and structures, performs test follow-ups and offers signal processing tools (electronics and software) to translate both life and state of the composite material. SENSE in integrates skills in chemistry, physics, mechanics, processing of nanocomposite and structural composite materials and has demonstrated the compatibility of QRS integration during main composites’ processing techniques. A partnership with Sea Side Tech (SST), brings skills in acquisition, signal processing and on-board electronics.

Since its creation, SENSE in has demonstrated the interest of its solutions in marine, green energy, automotive, defence and aeronautical applications by offering advantages to its customers such as demonstrated non-intrusiveness, robustness and low consumption of solutions, allowing to consider solutions that can be embedded in composites whatever the process: contact, prepreg, infusion, RTM, and recently automated fibre placement (AFP) and filament winding.

SENSE in now offers a range of sensors and electronic acquisition systems in its catalogue and is developing, as part of the Carbo4power project, specific sensors adapted to the innovative resin used.