The University of Birmingham (UoB)

About us

Founded in 1900, the University of Birmingham (UoB) is one of the leading research-based universities in the United Kingdom; the breadth of research expertise is a distinctive characteristic of the University. University of Birmingham is 81st in the 2020 QS World University Rankings, cementing our position in the top 100 universities globally. The University of Birmingham has extensive experience of EU collaboration and partnerships and in-depth expertise of Framework Programme matters including management, reporting and auditing. The University has been involved in 315 FP7 projects and 284 projects so far in H2020 (March 2020). The School of Metallurgy and Materials at UoB is one of the European materials research centres equipped with world-class materials research facilities. Established in 1983, the Birmingham Surface Engineering Research Group (BSERG) was the first multi-disciplinary research group to be committed to the subject of surface engineering and continuous to be one of the world’s premier research centres in surface engineering. The Birmingham Surface Engineering Research Group (BSERG) and Non-Destructive Testing & Condition Monitoring (NDTCM) Groups in the School of Metallurgy and Materials will be involved in this project.